Air Force WOD

FOR TIME: 20 thrusters, 20 sumo deadlift high-pulls, 20 push jerks, 20 overhead squats, 20 front squats (95/65lb for each movement with 4 burpees at the start of each minute)

What is the Air Force WOD?

The Air Force WOD is one of the classic CrossFit benchmark WODs, where athletes have to complete for time: 20 thrusters, 20 sumo deadlight high-pulls, 20 push jerks, 20 overhead squats and 20 front squats. For each movement the weight is 95/65lb. At the start of each minute 4 burpees must be completed before moving on to the barbell work. You can only move to the next barbell movement once all 20 reps have been completed.

Introduced in the 2010 CrossFit Games, the Air Force WOD consists of 5 different barbell movements, making this one of the more technically challenging benchmark workouts. With 4 burpees at the top of every minute, completing the movements quickly will help significantly with your overall time, however, movements still need to be performed efficiently.

There are various options for scaling each of the five movements, including reducing the weight of the barbell. Make sure you speak to your coach to determine the best approach, based on your current level of ability.

Tips for the Air Force WOD

  • Work on the barbell movements extensively. This is important for both this WOD and CrossFit in general.
  • Complete your burpees quickly to give yourself as much time as possible to cycle through the barbell movements.
  • Scale the barbell weight if you’re unable to put together a good amount of reps consecutively.