CrossFit Total WOD

TOTAL LOAD: Total sum of the best from each lift: back squat, shoulder press, deadlift. (3 attempts for each lift)

What is the CrossFit Total WOD?

The CrossFit Total WOD is one of the popular CrossFit benchmark workouts. Athletes have three attempts for each lift of back squat, shoulder press and deadlift. The score is the combined total of the heaviest lift from each movement.

The workout is CrossFit’s approach of determining absolute strength, with the three movements being described as the most effective lifts in existence for developing and testing functional strength.

While not as technically challenging as the Olympic lifts, the three movements still require strong form through technical proficiency, particularly as the goal is to hit the heaviest weight possible. Each movement is done while standing on the floor, and athletes should use the 3 attempts tactically to work up to their heaviest lift.

Tips for the CrossFit Total WOD

  • Ensure each movement is mastered at a lower weight, perfecting the technique before increasing the load.
  • Use the 3 attempts sensibly, creating a natural progression for the third lift to be the heaviest.
  • If you don’t have a good idea of what your 1-rep max is for each lift speak to your coach for some additional guidance.