FOR TIME: Five rounds for time: 800-meter run, 30 kettlebell swings (2 pood), 30 pull-ups

What is the Eva WOD?

The Eva WOD is one of the Crossfit Girl WODs. Athletes must complete five rounds for time: 800-meter run, 30 kettlebell swings (2 pood), 30 pull-ups. Eva is a Crossfit benchmark WOD used to assess an athlete’s progress over time.

Eva is a fairly simple workout with just three movements, however, it is a real endurance test that takes longer than 30 minutes for established CrossFit athletes. While kettlebell swings and pull-ups are relatively straightforward movements, the number of reps is demanding, especially right after an 800-meter run. Athletes will need to maintain a good pace and break up reps where needed to avoid burning out.

Scale options for kettlebell swings are reducing the weight and/or doing Russian swings instead of American. Pull-ups can be scaled several ways, such as jumping and banded pull-ups — scale to the most appropriate version of pull-up based on your current progression.

The workout is named after Eva Twardokens, aka Eva T, who is one of the original CrossFit athletes from the early days of Greg Glassman’s gym in Santa Cruz, California.

Tips for the Eva WOD

  • Get your pace right. This is an endurance test, so don’t go off to fast and pay for it later.
  • Break up the reps as needed. Avoid going to failure.
  • Scale the movement/weight if required.