Fight Gone Bad WOD

TOTAL REPS: Three rounds with a running clock: 1 minute wall balls (20/14lb), 1 minute sumo deadlift high-pulls (75/55lb), 1 minute box jumps (20″), 1 minute push press (75/55lb), 1 minute row, 1 minute rest

What is the Fight Gone Bad WOD?

The Fight Gone Bad WOD is one of the legendary CrossFit benchmark WODs, where athletes have to complete 1 minute of work for five different movements, for a total of 3 rounds. There is a 1 minute rest period at the end of each round. Points are scored for each rep, apart from the row, where each calorie counts as a point – your overall score is the total number of reps completed after all three rounds.

The backstory to the Fight Gone Bad workout is where it gets its legendary status from. Famous UFC fighter B.J. Penn visited CrossFit founder Greg Glassman looking for a workout that replicates the experience of a UFC fight, which is where the three-five minute rounds format was created, with high-power compound exercises intended to work every muscle in the body and recreate the experience of being in the Octagon.

Laying on the floor to catch his breath, Glassman asked Penn if the workout felt anything like a fight. “It’s like a fight gone bad”, replied Penn, providing the name for one of the most famous – and challenging – CrossFit workouts.

Tips for the Fight Gone Bad WOD

  • Work on all 5 movements, focusing the most on those that need improvement.
  • Use your best movements tactically. These can be high-scoring rounds to improve your overall score.
  • Find a good pace. Intensity should be high but remember this is 15 minutes of exercise and not a sprint.
  • Scale movements where necessary.